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How to handle jewelry

Please try to wear your Ashtar jewelry every day for two to three weeks from the day you receive your Ashtar jewelry. 

By doing so, the vibrations of the stone and its owner will gradually become fit to each other.


You can take it off when you are taking a bath or going to bed. However, please keep it in a safe place while it is off.


Stones that are well cared for will shine with more joy. A stone that is paired with its owner's vibration will be the best partner for you.


How to clean jewelry

If sweat or dirt gets on the Ashtar jewelry, wash it off quickly, then wipe it off with a soft cloth or paper towel.


If it is very dirty, wash it with a neutral detergent and it will regain its brilliance.


How to purify stones

As purification methods, there are sage, full moon moonlight bath, and salt.

For the moonlight bath, we recommend  to bathe the stone overnight under the full moon or leave it by the window in the moonlight.

Also you can leave it directly on salt for about a day.

With sage, smudge or fan the stone with the smoke of burning sage.


Although crystals can be purified with salt water, please be aware that pearls, selenite, and minerals may degrade or discolor from salt water.

Also, please be careful not to expose the rose quartz to strong sunlight for a long time as it may discolor in direct sunlight.

In addition, if you encounter any unpleasant things or come into contact with various energies, it is a good idea to wash stone lightly with water.


For those who are wondering about how to choose jewelry

 This is a question I get asked a lot.

With either the stone or jewelry, please try to pickbthe one you are most attracted to.

Some people worry that they don't know the vibrations or feeling of the stone when they hold it, but instead of using your thoughts, you may want to focus on the feeling of "I want it" or "I like it".


 In fact, you may be choosing things that match your vibrations with your intuition without even knowing it.

Please try these methods before worrying about it too much. 


 We wish you a wonderful jewelry encounter!


About wire

Gold fill (14 gold-plated)

The wire most used in Ashtar jewelry is gold fill.

It is used to express the richness of gold. We also use high quality, technical wire.

18 gold

Gold has a masculine love energy, which is full of abundance, and has a strong sense of inclusiveness, giving you a sence of security.

We also use 10-karat gold and 14-karat gold depending on the characteristics of the product.


Silver has feminine energy.

The silver used for Light of Ashtar has platinum coating applied to it to avoid tarnishing.


About tags

Ashtar jewelry products has a rectangular tag with the letters "Ashtar" engraved on it.  

The color of the tag is individually different depending on the color of the wire.

For the product with 18-karat gold, 14-karat gold, and 10-karat gold wires has a tag made of oval shaped gold.

Before, the ya Van de Dragon series also had a tag; however, the newest work has the letters "Ashtar" directly engraved on it.

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