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"Phoenix" 2022 spring debut

From the light of Ashtar in the spring of 2022

New light jewelry

✨ ✨ ✨ Phoenix ✨ ✨ ✨ joins the ranks

The energy that the earth and humankind need "now"

We will deliver it to you.

It is said to be a "phoenix" and can live in eternal time.

Phantom bird "Phoenix-Phoenix-"

The first symbol is "freedom".


The big role of Ashtar jewelry "Phoenix" is

✨ Flying from inconvenience to freedom ✨

✨ Rich heart ✨

✨ Creation of a new earth ✨

Shake off all old stereotypes, shackles and anxieties [destroy]

Freely flap and return to your true self [Regeneration]


This is the origin of Ashtar jewelry "Phoenix".


Bring the most necessary energy in 2022, which is also called the year of "destruction and regeneration"

Break the "mold" that has been captured until now and release it from the old concept

It encourages you to "take off freely".

Now that the system of dragons covering the earth and protecting Japan has been established,

To provide strong support to shift consciousness to the next dimension

It must have come down.


The Story of the Birth of the Phoenix


☆ Birth of phoenix ☆

About a year ago, "Phoenix" came down to Yoko Yamaguchi as an inspiration.

From there, through trial and error, we finally pursued a beautiful design with high vibration and finally became the "best" form.


The phoenix flaps among the dragons flying in the sky, leading the way for over a year .

The phoenix design by Ashtar jewelery designer and artist Maiko is characterized by its powerful energy, yet somehow lovely and gentle.



- Phoenix -

It's the end and the beginning.


Negative energy

Get rid of,

Suitable for the dawn of the golden age

There is elegance and gorgeousness.




The phoenix series is gold, silver,

12mm, 15mm, 18mm

There are 3 sizes.

(Stone size)

Phoenix crystal lineup

Divine Lemurian:

Transparency that penetrates sharply Sharpness that flies into space and higher dimensions.

We will help you to do what you want without hesitation, by repelling small hesitations, clearing things and consciousness, and following the freedom of the phoenix.


Archimist stone

The brilliance is unusual.

In order to shed light on the light, it shines enough to shed light on the light (soul) inside me.

You can feel yourself shining.

The stone itself is vortex

Love and peace that cannot be expressed in words ...

The energy of God itself, which is so deep and wide that it is wasteful to put it into words.

When you wear it, you will feel like you are wrapped in marshmallows.

It is a stone necessary for Japan.

Glitter gives you 1000 times more power.

It is made to order only because it is a gem in a gem that is rarely available.

Russian Lemurian:

From now on, each person must become independent.

This brilliance resembles phenakite.


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