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ya Van de Ashtar

What is "ya Van de Ashtar"?

"ya Van de" means "ultimate love of the universe".

The concept of ya Van de Ashtar is

"One and only Jewelry"


This is the ultimate jewelry that reads the vibrations of the owner and customizes everything from stone selection and design to the final process.

Now, in these turbulent times, it is important not to be swayed by information but to connect truly with your own soul.


yaVan de Ashtar will support your transformation of consciousness, and help to bring out your "one and only" individuality and potential.

“ya Van de Ashtar”とは
Designed by Mike Miller

What is ya Van de Dragon?


It was around 2016 that the consciousness of a "dragon" came down to Yoko Yamaguchi.


It is said that many "dragons" are gathering around the earth with higher dimension beings to give wisdom for the improvement of the earth and humanity.

Meanwhile, with the support of Ashtar and Captain D (another higher dimension being), the "yaVan de Dragon" series was born in 2019, after many trial and error of more than three years.

Currently, the series of yaVan de Dragon has "Tenryu," "Celtic Dragon," and "Celtic Flying Dragon." In addition to these, we have a rich lineup of mini series and earrings etc. It has  become a highly sought-after brand by many people.

Even though yaVan de Dragon is made by the casting method, there is still no same stone. It is still uniquely "one and only jewelry."

By wearing yaVan de Dragon, it will resonate with your soul and support you to co-create the highest and the very best here on earth.

Tenryu Dragon
Celtic Dragon
​Hiryu Dragon

Made-to-order jewelry

"Your very own stone"


"Only for yourself"


yaVan de Ashtar was born based on such voices of everyone.


We will make your very own jewelry that is totally customized from stone selection to design and so.


Since the series of yaVan de Dragon is made by the casting method, the basic design is the same, but the stone to put inside can be custom-made, so please contact us first.

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