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What is "Light of Ashtar"?

Light of Ashtar is a new sensation of high vibration jewelry created by Yoko Yamaguchi, who received a revelation from Ashtar in 2008, and further support from Ashtar for about two years. She pays particular attention to the vibration of each stone, carefully selecting high vibrational crystals and making use of the stones' natural features as much as possible to create jewelry that is unparalleled.

 We take special care to purify the stones so that their original vibrations can be maximized. We also take care not to put our wishes or thoughts into the stones during the creation process, for we know that the stones themselves have the ultimate vibrations.

 Ashtar Jewelry acknowledges the vibrations of the crystals and minerals, and is designed to improve people's energy, while supporting the centered-independence of the person wearing the jewelry. Therefore, unlike the conventional concept of power stones, the role of Ashtar Jewelry is to amplify one's vibration by resonating the vibration of the stones with the infinite power of each person.

Yoko Yamaguchi: "Through the light of Ashtar, I will continue to strive to be of service to people's happiness and joy."

Greetings from Yoko Yamaguchi
(founder of "Light of Ashtar"):

 "Light of Ashtar" celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2019. In the beginning, I had no experience in making jewelry, and started from scratch. But with the help of Ashtar and my eldest and youngest daughters (who are both artists) we were able to create jewelry with the unique wire design that we have today. We are particularly selective about the inherent vibrations of the stones. The stones are polished and created in such a way that even the inclusions are considered as a part of the stone's personality and can be utilized in the design.


 The people I work with are all connected on a soul level, and they're all passionate stone lovers.


 I am committed to expanding consciousness and the vibrations of love. We will continue to challenge ourselves to bring out the infinite potential of stones and minerals to help people achieve independence and ascension.

About Ashtar

 Ashtar is an 11th-dimensional entity well known as Venus' Ashtar command. Tens of thousands of years ago, when Venus was so heat-polluted that it couldn't live, it evacuated the Venusians to nearby Earth and other stars, but Ashtar remained in a spaceship with his crew. The spaceship is still anchored near Arcturus which is called the "Star of Ashtar". 


 Today Ashtar has become an etheric body and protects the peace of this galaxy, including the Earth.


 Many people are drawing images of Ashtar, but in reality It seems that it often appears as a golden aura.


 It is said that Ashtar exists in the 11th to 12th dimensions (together with Christ and the Buddha), and is also a famous ascended master who sends Star Seeds to Earth.


Left: Ashtar    Right: Captain D


Meet The Team

IMG_2319 (1).jpg








Light of Ashtar USA

Manager / Artist 



Light of Ashtar Japan


About craftsmen

 The cutting and polishing of stones are done by excellent, well experienced craftsmen. Among them, Mr. Lim is the teacher who taught me how to select various stones and their properties.


 The stones used for Ashtar jewelry are cut to make the most of their characteristics and vibrational state. 


 We also use many crystal pieces created by the world famous John Dyer and other artists.


Mr. Lim, Polishing a stones


Our first priority is to bring out the infinite potential of stones and minerals. We consider even inclusions to be unique to the stone, and plan to cut the stone in such a way that it can be utilized in the design.

Yoko Yamaguchi, having a conversation with a stone

From rough gemstones to Ashtar Jewelry

The stones used in Ashtar Jewelry are carefully selected, high vibrational stones.

Each gemstone is individually selected with care, and each one has an individual vibration and transformed frequency.


After that, Yoko Yamaguchi and the stones begin to talk about how to cut them, and how to make them shine their best.

Through a unique process, the crystal becomes a sparkling stone of the soul, which shines even brighter as it becomes jewelry.


The stones that are reborn as the "light of Ashtar" produce their own vibrational energy.

Though the stones are grown from the same source, the vibrations of each cluster are different, so we do not know how they will transform until they are finished. However, this is one of the great pleasures for us creators.

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